Creating Value with Knowledge


- it´s a MUST!
MUST AS is a technology-based company located at the Centre of Innovation and Technology in Porsgrunn, Norway. Main business areas are Process Analytical Technology including multivariate modeling (chemometrics) and specialized software for manifacturing and R&D. Our software packages contain systems and unique methods based on more than 20 years industrial application and implementation. Our competence, strong industrial experience and good references are your best guarantee.
What is eScience?
The sciences are moving towards a new era. Models are so complex that their use depends on systems and computers that can handle huge amounts of data and computations. At the same time, the data quality and accessibility is often poor. Problems regarding data access and model complexity calls for competences from many diciplines. The new approach for solving these problems is called eScience.
Benefits of modeling
Optimal operation of existing processes as well as significant acceleration of product development, provides the basis for successful business. Efficient use of modeling and simulation methods and tools gives a significant competitive edge. The systematic thinking and approach that is characteristic to modeling and simulation as well as the study of the physical, chemical and biological phenomena, will lead to better fundamental understanding of processes and often also to new innovations.
→ data analysis and calibration... → robust estimation and model updating... → linking instruments, databases and tools... → preserve, distribute and utilize knowledge...
MUST Analyze! MUST Predict! MUST Connect! MUST Share!