MUST Connect!

!>/files/product_logos/must_connect.gif! MUST Connect! is a product for inter-connecting data sources like instruments and other laboratory data with analysis/calibration tools and online estimators. MUST Connect! is a server application, acting as "glue" between your data sources and your applications. No more hassle with data files, converting between file formats and browsing your file system looking for a particular data file or model. No more cutting and joining and spending time creating a useful data set, while you rather should focus on developing and improving your lab or online model applications. MUST Connect! takes care of all this. Through the powerful MUST Connect! browser you quickly look up the data or model you need for your research or application work. Search "spiders" inside MUST Connect! are constantly monitoring your file system, and will index and prepare instrument data for your modelling application. Your models are also indexed and stored in MUST Connect! Looking up a model or keeping track of a model application history has never been easier. When you have found the data you need, you simply drag-and-drop it into your calibration tool. MUST Connect! is a very flexible product, and may even be used as a Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS). MUST Connect! will be available together with "The Unscrambler": as one integrated CIMS product in 1.quarter 2008.