Getting started using the Connect Browser

After logging in, the window below should appear. If not, make sure you have entered the correct database, user name and password.

Connect Browser Window

In the first of the top columns you’ll see the different data formats supported on your installation.

Click on one of them and start creating category entries in each category column. They are linked in the order they appear, so after you have clicked on one of the formats supported you will need to start by creating an entry in the next column and so on. Do so by right-clicking on the white area under “Department” (in this example) and select “Add department”. Repeat for “Group” and “Project”. What you choose to call them is up to you.

After all that is done, and you have selected a entry in the rightmost column, select “File” and “Import” to import data from files stored on your hard drive, or you can commit data from The Unscrambler by CAMO, or any other application supporting the Connect API.

See our screencasts of MUST Connect in action.