What is MUST Connect?

MUST Connect! is a product for inter-connecting data sources like instruments and other laboratory data with analysis/calibration tools and online estimators.

MUST Connect! is a server application, acting as “glue” between your data sources and your applications. No more hassle with data files, converting between file formats and browsing your file system looking for a particular data file or model. No more cutting and joining and spending time creating a useful data set, while you rather should focus on developing and improving your lab or online model applications. MUST Connect! takes care of all this.

Through the powerful MUST Connect! browser you quickly look up the data or model you need for your research or application work. Search “spiders” inside MUST Connect! are constantly monitoring your file system, and will index and prepare instrument data for your modelling application. Your models are also indexed and stored in MUST Connect! Looking up a model or keeping track of a model application history has never been easier.

When you have found the data you need, you simply drag-and-drop it into your calibration tool.

Share and classify your data

Must Connect is the premium data enterprise storage system for your needs. You can classify and store in security data and models in a searchable database.

They can be simply reached by anyone allowed in a network. Possibility to “Drag and drop” between database and other systems like The Unscrambler or Matlab.

Must Connect! is a tool for classifying and sharing models and datas, it will connect them directly with other instruments. Must Connect stores and manage all data and models in a central point, it helps the user to work in a secure, safe warehousing system. Data and models are significant contributions to your company’s intellectual property. Unfortunately, they are not always used correctly or fully because files are saved on local file systems and no centralized overview is available. Must Connect makes sure that the safe storage of data and models is done and enables companies to effectively utilize these informations, independent of the users.

The advanced Must Connect browser helps explore the meta search to locate your data files easily and record traceable revision history. This makes sure you find the latest file version.

Must Connect may be tailored to your specific needs. It can be integrated with your laboratory and process instruments, databases.

List of features

  • Centralize all data and models storage
  • Search for data/models
  • Reduce time spent on data logistics
  • Automate collection of instrumental data
  • Export data into The Unscrambler and Matlab
  • Export data and models to the database
  • 21CFR part 11 compliant
  • Enable sharing of data sets and models between users
  • Easy access to historical data
  • Advanced search and query tools
  • Automate data conversion

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