Borealis and MUST AS have signed a co-operation agreement

MUST AS has signed a long-term co-operation agreement with Borealis to develop an IT system called "PUSH". "PUSH" is intended to be an economical and competitive-enhancing IT system designed to sustain, handle and further develope company knowledge encased in established data and models which has been developed by Borealis. The developed system also will be prepared for industrial commercialisation by MUST AS under the brand "MUST Share!".

Borealis has a strategy of value creation where they are committed to investing technology and innovation . This includes investing in technology which enhances the sharing of knowledge as part of adding value throughout the value chain and within the whole organisation.

Borealis is a leading, innovative provider of polyethylene and polypropylene competence for different applications. Its technology shapes daily life products and forms the basis of next generation innovation and creative developments within this industry.

MUST AS is a technology-based company providing IT solutions within knowledge based data modelling and applications.

For further information please contact:
Frode Brakstad, Managing Director MUST AS
tel. +47 35 57 4000.
email: frode.brakstad(at)
Nancy Helledie, Director Public Affairs, Borealis A/S,
tel: +45 45 96 61 80.
email: nancy.helledie(at)