Stress testing of MUST software

All MUST AS software has been designed for scalability. A MUST CIMS installation may be set up for anything between a single workstation installation and a huge multi-user corporate configuration. MUST AS has now started a massive stress test of MUST CIMS, in order to verify the claimed scalability.

For testing purposes, MUST AS has purchased a new server dedicated for stress testing of MUST CIMS. Currently the MUST Connect! database is receiving one FT-IR spectrum containing 3.500 discrete data points every 15 seconds. This means that 5760 spectra (or 20.160.000 discrete data points) is stored every day. At the same time, multiple users are accessing the system (searching for and retrieving data).

After one week of testing, the results look very promising. Although the server is an "ordinary" entry level system (A Fujitsu Siemens Primergy Econel 200a XEON 2.8GHz running Linux), it handles the high load very well.

We will continue to run the test over several months, proving that MUST CIMS is an ideal storage solution for massive amounts of spectral data. No other commercial systems available is capable of storing these amounts of spectral data, and at the same time provide multiple users with unbeatable tools for locating and retrieving relevant data on demand!