MUST Share!

MUST Share! is a computer software system for efficient sharing, reusing and retrieval of data and knowledge in R&D and manufacturing.

The system is characterised by:

  • Infrastructure for storage and usage of knowledge formalised by mathematical and statistical models.
  • Interface to many data repositories (large collections of data, e.g. databases), giving a unified way of accessing data in a heterogeneous data environment.
  • Easy access to data and models by centralising the MUST Share! implementation, and give users access to the system using a web browser.
  • Tools for identifying areas where there is little or no knowledge (search tools, etc.).
  • Tools for combining knowledge (models), and thereby gain new knowledge.

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Here are some screenshots from MUST Share!

Browsing models in MUST Share!

Browsing data in MUST Share!

A contour plot in MUST Share!